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The Hot Drop 

The hot drop coffee located in oulart village is owned and run by Mossy and Saoirse Dunne. What started off as a 35 year old hunter 505 horse box was converted into what has now become The Hot Drop. It was an in-house conversion It was rebuilt from the ground up, stripped down and rebuilt with axels stubs and hubs, brakes, insulation, sheeting, hatches, counters, lights, plumbing and of course a fresh paint job. It Is fully kitted out with with all new appliances including a brand new state of the art gaggia coffee machine and grinder. Machines and baristas can only do so much but what has been a big help to us producing top quality coffee has been the use of the finest beans from tra coffee roasters. Saoirse is forever expanding the menu to cater for her variety of customers with a full range of hot coffee’s, her specialty range of iced coffees, milkshakes and slush puppies and all sorts of tasty treats. Saturday and Sundays we are located out side the top hurling field in oulart and we also cater to matches ect during the week at both gaa grounds. The hot drop is available for hire for a wide variety of events including private functions, weddings, christenings, party’s, sporting events and of course Car Shows. We are delighted to be involved and associated with a group like db daily’s and look forward to supplying all their followers and supporters with some top notch coffee from tra coffee roasters on the 15th


Pirate garage 


Established in 2009, I was one of Irelands first full-time detailers, with the launch of Cleancar Detailing. I had previously worked in a high pressure, high stress environment and escaping out to my garage and spending a few hours polishing and waxing my own car was a welcome escape from the daily pressures of life at the time. Detailing full-time and doing what I love every day really is a dream come through for me. I quickly spotted that a huge amount of car enthusiasts also spent a large amount of time in their sheds cleaning and detailing their own cars and experiencing similar mental health benefits in the process. The only problem was that there wasn't a great range of detailing products to choose from, and the quality of the advice available from these suppliers was sketchy at best. That's where the idea for Pirate Garage came from and we launched Pirate Garage in January 2019 with the aim of supplying top quality detailing supplies coupled with top quality advice on how to use each product. Each and every product on the shelves in our shop is also used in our detailing bay on a daily basis so we can give real-world advice on how to get the best from each product. We are not simply selling detailing products; we are selling our 12 years detailing experience and knowledge, our 12 years of customer service experience and our extensive product testing and experience with multiple different brands and ranges. I look forward to welcoming you to our shop in New Ross or to our website, and if you need any help or advice on what products best suit your needs, I'd be delighted to help you out.

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Reflect autocare 

I started my business a year ago in August 2020 when I was let off work during the pandemic. When an opportunity arose to buy my van and to sell Reflect Autocare products in 6 southeast counties I was delighted to being part of Ireland's premier supplier of valet and car supplies. I cater for customers from a wide variety of industries, from your local carwash guy to large hauliers, bus companies and auto factor shops. I provide a great and prompt service by delivering these products straight to your door.

I am looking forward to being part of DB_dailys show on the 15th August and wish to thank them for all their help promoting my business.

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Tra Coffee

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Trá Coffee Roasters, located in Tramore, Co. Waterford, was set up in 2018 by Owner Tom Weldon as a small project to enter the speciality coffee market. When Tom seen the potential for speciality coffee to grow he began full time manufacturing in 2019 and as demand increased throughout that year and into 2020, with the logistical element and production demand ever increasing, Tom hired Alan Purcell in January 2021 as the company’s Logistics Manager to oversee the daily production and assist in the Coffee Roasting process.

Tom and Alan served together in the Irish Army both at home and abroad and yep, they even served with Daithi and Mossy in various roles !!!

We hope you enjoy our Speciality Coffee and please visit us at for a full list of our Coffee origins.

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