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The decision that changed my bank account for the foreseeable future......

Updated: Feb 20, 2021


I had always been into the car scene and having various different motors over the years some of which I am not to proud of. The scene for me was never about the mine is better than yours or I spent the most of my Daddies money but more about having the laugh with a few of the lads and learning a thing or two along the way. I had went away from the scene to a certain extent as I had a daily driver Passat at the time and it got me from A to B and back again but had some nice modifications to top it off but it was never designed to be anything special it was just my I suppose 'beautiful everyday'. It was mine I owned it and I like how it looked and drove simples.

I had been scrolling through various sites and pages as all us petrol heads do and this caught my eye. I had actually never seen a MK1 caddy before in person and the first thing that I seen was that classic MK1 front end. At the time me and the missus were due to head off on holidays and I said to my-self after some long and hard chats inside my own head that if the car was ment for me then it would be there when I got back. Low and behold 14 days later and I land back into sunny Ireland the MK1 was still online. The phone was red in my pocket and we made the call and headed up to Kilkenny to have a look at what I was about to sink my life into for the next five years.

So off we went with the aid of my uncles jeep and trailer and went to see the little blue 'if you could call it that' truck. On arrival I was sold, the disapproval looks I seen once we popped the bonnet and seen the rust was not going to stop me. The wing had an attempt of a re-spray in some shade of cream out of a rattle can and the overspray that spread down the side up the glass and also on the tyres was a sign this thing needed saving. A deal was done and it was time to bring this beaut home safe and sound needless to say it was not going to drive itself home.


In she went to her temporary home and to get the once over. To be fair the car in my eyes wasn't as bad as I had first taught it was. She started with some fresh petrol and a new set of plugs , now she didn't run very well but it ran non the less and it went for its first spin down a road in "MEXICO"... it drove like a car that had been in an autocross test track for the last twenty years but I was in my new car and it was driving down the road and the smile on my face couldn't be beaten. Next up was to try and find I'm going to say a few men to try and get this thing right and so this is where the car scene in Ireland comes into its own.

A school mate and mental petrol head got me in contact with Antony and to say a new friend was made was an understatement. This poor man and Willy (school mate) got and I mean it, the world of hardship for the next few months and that was before they even had touched the car itself... But that is for the next chapter of the story


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